The Leadership Program for Girls is a project that helps schools make leadership learning the centerpiece of the school's programming. The program can include:

  • School onboarding.

  • Faculty and staff training.

  • An evidence-based curriculum.

  • A leadership capstone program.  

The leadership learning activities take place over four years to develop confidence, resiliency, and voice to change the direction of girls' lives. The Leadership Course, provided and owned by Girls Lead Worldwide, is an academic class that is taught by trained coaches during the regular school day and is an integral part of every student's academic development. Further, students take part in a specially designed Leadership Capstone Program, provided and owned by Lisa Cenca and Education Express Consulting, annually to learn about significant world issues identified by the United Nations. Girls use their mastery of leadership skills from their coursework to connect with causes their care about and eventually create community projects addressing homelessness, equity, environmental issues, animal cruelty, and access to education.